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7:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break "The Squad try to gain the confidence of a con man to catch him while on one of his capers."
8:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - A Time for Remembering "Linc is shot by an ex-convict out for revenge, just after Pete announces that he is leaving the Squad."
9:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Who Are the Keepers, Who the Inmates? "When Linc's friend dies inside an insane hospital, he feigns insanity to get inside and investigate first hand."
10:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - The Song of Willie "A heartless black actor is receiving death threats and the Squad is sent in to keep him safe."
11:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Just Ring the Bell Once "Linc befriends an i year old boy who's mother is the prime suspect for liquor store holdups."
12:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - A Far Away Place So Near "The Squad investigate when a Vietnam veteran fails to return home from active duty."
1:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Judas Trap "The squad investigates when a young mentally handicapped man is found holding a rifle which was the weapon that killed his father."
2:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Fever "Pete and Linc frantically search for Julie, who is unknowingly exposed to a disease by a man on the run who has kidnapped his son."
3:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Kicks Incorporated "A close friend of Captain Greer ends up the head of a nuisance racket that the Squad is investigating."
4:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Suffer, Little Children "The Squad investigate the murder of a priest's brother, the psychologist for a clinic for troubled kids."
5:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Comeback "An ex-boxing champ who has been out of the ring for 11 years is wanted by gamblers who are harassing his son in order to get him back in the ring."
6:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - We Spy "In order to stop an industrial espionage plot, Pete assumes the role of a safe cracker and stumbles upon a murder case."
7:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Price of Love "While on vacation, Linc becomes a hostage after stumbling on a kidnapping of a young boy in a ghost town in the desert."
8:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Whatever Happened to Linc Hayes? "Linc wanders the city suffering from amnesia after a mugging, wondering if he is the mental patient who escaped from the hospital ward as mentioned in the newspaper."
9:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Feet of Clay "Linc makes friends with a deaf mute who saved the life of a guard during a warehouse fire, making him a reluctant hero."
10:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - I Am My Brother's Keeper "Linc and Julie go undercover when to look for Pete along the shipping docks, after he suffers an injury to his head."
11:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Cave "A crazed old man holds Julie, Pete and Linc trapped in a cave under the belief that they are responsible for his son's death in Vietnam."
12:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - The Tangled Web "Pete and Lic help Julie's friend turn in the stolen jewels she had taken, jeopardizing their own careers in the process."
1:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - A Gift for Jenny "After receiving a fur coat as a gift, Linc's friend is kidnapped by thugs running a fur theft ring."
2:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Can You Hear Me Out There? "A radio DJ unknowingly has been helping car thieves find hot vehicles to steal by announcing them on commercials, causing the Squad to investigate."
3:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Another Final Game "Pete and Julie assume the roles of a wealthy couple when an old lady whom Linc had befriended is taken for $600 by a con man."
4:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Run, Lincoln, Run "One of Linc's friends has been kidnapped and has been ordered to set him up so he can be murdered."
5:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Death in High Places "Linc takes a job working with steel on a high rise building in order to find out who murdered his friend."
6:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - And Once for My Baby "The Squad prevents the theft of $1 million by an ex-con who is unaware that his pregnant wife is suffering from cervical cancer."
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