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Today, November 23rd

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All this month, Decades presents an array of made-for-TV movies.

Today we feature made-for-TV movies based on real-world situations, including The Blue Valley Songbird, which stars Dolly Parton as a troubled Nashville musician.

Today's Theme: Made-for-TV Movies

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Today’s guests on The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show include: Barbra Streisand, Liberace, Ella Fitzgerald and Richard Harris.
05:00PM | 11:00PM

Through the Decades - November 23

From LIFE Magazine to The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Through the Decades looks back at the origins popular culture icons.
07:00AM | 07:00PM | 10:00PM

Feature Film: Family Ties Vacation (1985)

The Keatons travel to England when Alex is accepted by Oxford, only to become embroiled in international intrigue.

Feature Film: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie (1999)

In this made-for-TV movie based on the popular series, Dr. Mike and Sully travel to Mexico to rescue their daughter.

Feature Film: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within (2001)

Dr. Mike travels to Boston to attend Colleen's graduation from medical school and discovers that her mother is terminally ill. Meanwhile, Sully becomes the target of schemers.

Feature Film: The Blue Valley Songbird (1999)

Dolly Parton stars as a popular Nashville performer reaching for success, only to be hampered by her controlling manager. Parton performs "Wildflower,” "Amazing Grace,” "Runaway Feeling" and more.


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