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7:00AM ET
The Rookies - Nightmare "After being involved in a car accident on a stormy night, an injured Jill becomes the prisoner of a disturbed man who claims to be a doctor."
8:00AM ET
The Rookies - Lamb to the Slaughter "When burglar Brad Gifford is arrested, his cop-hating, now orphaned son, Jody, is taken to Lambert Hall where he is befriended by Ryker, a former orphan himself. Jody is just beginning to trust and like Ryker when his father escapes custody and comes for him."
9:00AM ET
The Rookies - Reading, Writing and Angel Dust "After the tragic death of a bright high school student, the Rookies put in a team effort to get the pushers off the school campus. They get some help from a pusher who is pretending to scorch for the source."
10:00AM ET
The Rookies - One Way Street to Nowhere "Mike is critically injured when he tries to capture the leader of a militant group and Terry is taken hostage."
11:00AM ET
The Rookies - One Someone Who Cares "An unidentified nine-year-old girl is accidentally hit by a car after two hedonistic "swinging single" men spike her lunch with narcotics. Before she dies, she begs Terry for help. Terry, reluctant to let her die a Jane Doe, investigates."
12:00PM ET
The Rookies - Ladies' Day "Jill Danko is working in a women's prison, fighting an outbreak of diphtheria. In order to protest for better food and working conditions, inmates take Jill and Dr. Malcolm hostage."
1:00PM ET
The Rookies - Reign of Terror "Young crooks Pat Stevens and Glen Barton rob ticket agent Brewster and shoot rookie Chris. The scene is witnessed by mailman Charlie Brooks, who is adamant about not getting involved. Eventually his wife Nadine and daughter Stacy encourage him to cooperate with the Rookies, and finally the criminals are apprehended."
2:00PM ET
The Rookies - Death Lady "A female officer is blamed for her partner's death during a jewelry store robbery. With her new partner, Mike, she sets out to solve the crime and prove her worth to the police department."
3:00PM ET
The Rookies - Measure of Mercy "The Rookies must investigate a robbery at Memorial Hospital. The blood bank was robbed and its contents sold to the black market, leaving an infant at the hospital on the critical list."
4:00PM ET
The Rookies - A Time to Mourn "Chris' sister makes a surprise visit on her brother. He is suspended after conducting an unauthorized bust of the man who molested her."
5:00PM ET
The Rookies - Institutional Man, The (aka The Torch Man) "An ex-convict out on parole desperately wants to go straight, but is sought after by his ex-cellmates to use his safe-cracking abilities in a robbery."
6:00PM ET
The Rookies - Invitation to a Rumble "Terry is run down by a car driven by the leader of a street gang in his old neighborhood. When one of the members of the gang is overheard calling for an ambulance, he is forced to kill Terry or he will be killed by the gang for betrayal."
7:00PM ET
The Rookies - Reluctant Hero "A rookie accidentally overpowers a professional assassin and is named "hero." The assassin vows to kill the rookie and escapes with Jill as a hostage, offering to exchange her for the rookie."
8:00PM ET
The Rookies - Dead Heat "Chris and Terry have their patrol car stolen by teenage vandals while investigating a major robbery in a department store, and three heavily armed killers trap them there."
9:00PM ET
The Rookies - The Voice of Thunder "After a series of Sunday bombings of porno bookshops and massage parlors sweep the city, Chris and Terry recognize the same girl at the scene of each incident. The dangerously schizophrenic top fashion model believes she is being instructed by a supreme being."
10:00PM ET
The Rookies - The Code Five Affair "The rookies stake out an abandoned factory where a heroin deal is about to take place, and are able to seize the drugs and arrest all but one man. This man must get the heroin back from the police."
11:00PM ET
The Rookies - Shadow of a Man "Forest, a tough career cop, takes $10,000 from the scene of a robbery after his partner is killed by the robbers. Lt. Ryker puts an undercover investigator on the case to retrieve the money."
12:00AM ET
The Rookies - Eye for an Eye "A man who was forced to spend eighteen years in prison for a crime he did not commit is determined to get the men who framed him."
1:00AM ET
The Rookies - Sudden Death "Mike, a former helicopter pilot in Vietnam, becomes the prey of a deranged ex-POW who blames the policeman for his capture by the Vietcong."
2:00AM ET
The Rookies - From Out of Darkness "Terry vows to find the murderer of Dan Kennedy, a retired cop turned security guard. Dan was the father of a blind girl, Terry's former girlfriend."
3:00AM ET
The Rookies - The Mugging "After a woman is fatally assaulted by three junkies, her son, a doctor in the same hospital where Jill works, announces his intention to get revenge against the three, who were released from jail on a technicality."
4:00AM ET
The Rookies - Blue Movie, Blue Death "The Rookies are given undercover assignments in order to smash a syndicate-owned porno film company responsible for the deaths of some of its actors."
5:00AM ET
The Rookies - Deliver Me From Innocence "A frightened sixteen-year-old boy is forced to take the blame for the crimes of a junkie he has become mixed up with. The two had committed a burglary and escaped after killing a cop. The boy is Terry's current girlfriend's brother."
6:00AM ET
The Rookies - Journey to Oblivion "A gambler kills his creditor and is witnessed by Jill Danko, whom he and his accomplice must now do away with."
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