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7:00AM ET
Matt Houston - The Beverly Woods Social Club "A noted gossip columnist, Vonda Mirand, is murdered after threatening to expose the patrons of an exclusive bordello called the Afrodisia Fellowship."
8:00AM ET
Matt Houston - The Showgirl Murders "When a nightclub-singer friend believes he has killed during alcohol-induced blackouts, Matt works to clear him."
9:00AM ET
Matt Houston - Fear for Tomorrow "A codebook and a cryptic message provide Matt his only clues to preventing the predicted deaths of thousands."
10:00AM ET
Matt Houston - Deadly Parlay "After Matt is found leaning over the dead body of a jockey, he is charged with murder."
11:00AM ET
Matt Houston - A Novel Way to Die "Matt has to find out who killed well-known crime novelist Emily Armor. Armor was in town to attend the official meeting of crime story writers. Among the suspects for her murder are the crime story writers at the meeting."
12:00PM ET
Matt Houston - The Hunted "C.J. is held hostage by a famous criminal in order to free his terrorist son, held by authorities on Matt's eyewitness testimony."
1:00PM ET
Matt Houston - The Woman in White "C.J. convinces Matt to help clear a former police officer imprisoned for a murder he claims he did not commit."
2:00PM ET
Matt Houston - Love You to Death "After Matt's one-night affair with an obsessed woman, she ransacks his home and murders."
3:00PM ET
Matt Houston - The Centerfold Murders "Matt searches for a killer who has already slain three of twelve top centerfold models."
4:00PM ET
Matt Houston - Needle in a Haystack "A mother begs Matt to find her diabetic son, deported to Mexico because he witnessed a dirty I.N.S. agent rape a woman."
5:00PM ET
Matt Houston - The Ghost of Carter Gault "An ex-newsman investigating a crooked union leader calls Matt for help just before becoming the victim of a bomb planted in his car."
6:00PM ET
Matt Houston - China Doll "While investigating the murder of C.J.'s college roommate, Matt discovers she might have been involved with Chinese drug smugglers."
7:00PM ET
Matt Houston - Butterfly "A teenage prostitute dies when she tries to stop a child prostitution ring from snaring her younger sister."
8:00PM ET
Matt Houston - The Crying Clown "Matt must find one of a dead forger's original paintings, which is attracting an undue amount of interest from art dealers."
9:00PM ET
Matt Houston - The Outsider "Skeptical Matt becomes the target of a self-proclaimed psychic working with a kidnapping ring."
10:00PM ET
Matt Houston - Target: Miss World "An international assassin kills a Navajo girl in order to use her apartment to have a clear shot at his intended victim."
11:00PM ET
Matt Houston - The Monster "Attorney F. Lee Bailey decides to defend a man who has confessed to killing four teenagers, then leaves C.J. to handle the details."
12:00AM ET
Matt Houston - Waltz of Death "A concert pianist is pursued by a former detective who he believes strangled 18 blonde girls."
1:00AM ET
Matt Houston - Houston Is Dead "After Matt learns the heads of a convalescent hospital murdered a nurse, he is shot."
2:00AM ET
Matt Houston - Criss-Cross "Returning from Hawaii, retiree Novelli is charged with robbing a police vault of $2 million in cocaine."
3:00AM ET
Matt Houston - The Bikini Murders "A psychiatrist's secretary discovers her boss' blackmail, then dies while leaving a message on Matt's answering machine."
4:00AM ET
Matt Houston - Death Match "A man who murdered eight women, including Matt's fiancée, sends a clipping of his latest victim to Houston."
5:00AM ET
Matt Houston - Blood Ties "A psychotic hospital orderly who killed five men decides to make Matt's ailing father his next victim."
6:00AM ET
Matt Houston - The Secret Admirer "When C.J. rejects a disturbed admirer's advances, he kills her boyfriend and tries to murder her."
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