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6:00AM ET
The Millionaire - The William Vaughan Story "A once wealthy man, now quite ill, is beset by his relatives, who believe he is still rich. Michael Anthony tries to present the million dollar check to him but he refuses."
6:30AM ET
The Millionaire - Cat Story, The (aka Ralph) "An elderly dowager leaves her entire estate to an alley cat named ralph."
7:00AM ET
Rowan & Martin's Laugh In - Season 4, Episode 20 "Sketches include Marcello's Richard Nixon stories, the mod world of aviation, supersonic situations the swizzlers, the sword-swallower quickie, and the joke wall. Featuring Claudine Longet, Marcello Mastroianni, Louis Nye, Carol Ann Richards, and Jilly Rizzo."
8:00AM ET
Through the Decades - August 16 "On August 16, “Through the Decades” remembers the day in 1977 that the world lost rock and roll legend Elvis Presley—but the superstar’s music and myth live on. We also take a look back on when tennis player Renee Richards won a legal battle for transgender rights in 1977. And on the day of her birth, we profile pop provocateur Madonna."
9:00AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - Where the Stones Are "The family follows Mary on a weekend boat trip with her friends, in order to check on her."
9:30AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - The Two Doctors Stone "Donna cancels the plans for a family trip, because she feels that Trisha is getting sick, though Alex feels she shows no signs of being ill."
10:00AM ET
Petticoat Junction - Spur Line to Shady Rest (Part 1) "The C&W Railroad sends a trouble shooter, Homer Bedloe, to Hooterville to see why the main line and the branch line do not connect to each other."
10:30AM ET
Petticoat Junction - Quick, Hide the Railroad (Part 2) "Kate Bradley comes up with an idea to hide the beloved Hooterville Cannonball engine in order to keep it from being scrapped by the C & W Railroad."
11:00AM ET
Family Affair - That Was the Dinner That Wasn't "Cissy is disheartened to miss a mother-daughter event at school and doesn't tell Bill what is wrong."
11:30AM ET
Family Affair - All Around the Town "Buffy and Jody find a twenty dollars and travel all around the city trying to find the owner."
12:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Monkey "Lucy is so overworked that Mary Jane warns her she'll have a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, a performer from the bank's benefit show leaves his trained ape in Mr. Mooney's office. Lucy sees the simian, believes she's finally snapped, and is convinced that the hairy creature is actually Mooney."
12:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Efficiency Expert (Phil Silvers) "Efficiency expert Oliver Kasten takes over Mr. Mooney's office and commandeers his secretary, Lucy Carmichael, who quickly patterns herself after Kasten, following his strict orders without question. Also known as "Lucy and Phil Silvers"."
1:00PM ET
I Love Lucy - Tennessee Bound "The Ricardos and the Mertzes depend on Lucy's cousin when they're jailed for speeding."
1:30PM ET
I Love Lucy - Ethel's Home Town "The gang plays along with Ethel's fib of being a movie star when visiting her hometown."
2:00PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Not a Christmas Story "Sue Ann invites the WJM team over for a Christmas in November."
2:30PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - What Are Friends For? "Mary is forced to attend a news convention with Sue Ann and gets a peek behind the curtain at the not-so-happy homemaker."
3:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Teacher's Petrie "Laura takes a creative writing class, and the teacher takes a liking to her."
3:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - I'd Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All "Rob worries that he's balding and takes a drastic step."
4:00PM ET
The Bob Newhart Show - Shrinking Violence "Bob teaches everyone how to deal with anger, just in time to lose his temper."
4:30PM ET
Newhart - Goonstruck "Stephanie becomes attracted to a stonemason working at the Inn."
5:00PM ET
The Odd Couple - The Flying Felix "Oscar tries everything to help Felix over his fear of flying, including flying with him to Houston."
5:30PM ET
The Odd Couple - Vocal Girl Makes Good "The New York Metropolitan Opera's Marilyn Horne stars as Felix's new discovery, but is too shy to appear in his opera unless Oscar is in it as well."
6:00PM ET
Carol Burnett Show, The (Hours) - Season 10, Episode 13 "The delightful Dick Van Dyke is Carol's guest, lending his impressive talents to an homage to Shirley Temple films, "Little Miss Showbiz", with Carol as bratty orphan Honey Bunny. Originally aired 12/18/1976."
7:00PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - Harry Belafonte, Louis Armstrong, Jack Paar, and more "Today's episode features Harry Belafonte, Louis Armstrong, Bill Haley and his Comets, Jack Paar, Della Reese, the Cordons, Teresa Brewer, and Guy Mitchell."
7:30PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - The Supremes, Frank Ifield, and more "Today's episode features the Supremes, the Alcettys, Frank Ifield, Roberta Peters, and Holiday on Ice."
8:00PM ET
Through the Decades - August 16 "On August 16, “Through the Decades” remembers the day in 1977 that the world lost rock and roll legend Elvis Presley—but the superstar’s music and myth live on. We also take a look back on when tennis player Renee Richards won a legal battle for transgender rights in 1977. And on the day of her birth, we profile pop provocateur Madonna."
9:00PM ET
The Dick Cavett Show - Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards "On The Dick Cavett Show, Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews discuss film-making, their relationship, and showcase a Peter Sellers blooper reel from Edwards' private collection."
10:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - The Talented Neighborhood ""The Alan Brady Show" announces a talent contest, and Rob deals with a flood of children and their stage mothers."
10:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Who Owes Who What? "Rob tries to find a way to secretly remind Buddy of an unpaid debt."
11:00PM ET
Cheers - My Fair Clavin "Cliff gives his girl a makeover and ends up losing her to every other guy."
11:30PM ET
Cheers - Christmas Cheers "Rebecca forces everyone to work late on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, Sam rushes out to buy Rebecca a gift after he finds out she got him something."
12:00AM ET
Taxi - Memories of Cab 804 (Part 1) "The cabbies exchange stories about their experiences in Cab 804."
12:30AM ET
WKRP in Cincinnati - Hotel Oceanview "WKRP books a meeting room at the Hotel Oceanview, to entice the Vicki Von Vicki Jeans company to advertise with them."
1:00AM ET
The Lost Honeymooners - Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Part 2) "The Kramdens and Nortons appear in a Flakey Wakey commercial on an English television show."
1:30AM ET
Get Smart - Witness for the Persecution "KAOS tries to stop Smart from testifying against one of their agents."
2:00AM ET
The Phil Silvers Show - The Big Scandal "Bilko tries to hypnotize Ritzik, but it's Doberman who falls under the influence and he tells the Colonel's wife that he loves her."
2:30AM ET
Car 54, Where Are You? - Puncher and Judy "A lady asks her boyfriend to give up amateur boxing."
3:00AM ET
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - The Rice and Old Shoes Caper "Dobie tells the story of how and why Maynard and Zelda are standing in front of a justice of the peace, about to be married."
3:30AM ET
The Abbott and Costello Show - Pots and Pans "Lou sells cookware door-to-door. Then he prepares his friend a duck dinner with disastrous results."
4:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Van Gogh, Man, Gogh "When an art dealer offers a prize for the most promising painter, the teachers all compete."
4:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Jewel Robbery "A jewelry store robbery has everyone confessing to the crime to save someone else from trouble."
5:00AM ET
Dark Shadows - September 21, 1967 "David refuses to tell Victoria why he is upset. He insists that Willie is innocent of kidnapping Maggie."
5:30AM ET
Dark Shadows - September 22, 1967 "After talking to Barnabas, David is more frightened than ever. In his dream, Sarah reveals a secret."
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