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6:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Is That Justice? No, It's Law "The Squad assists a detective catch a drug pusher, who swears he was set up."
7:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - A Double for Danger "In order to uncover the leader of a narcotics ring, Julie goes undercover assuming the identity of a murdered agent."
8:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Welcome to Our City "The Squad tries to locate a farmer with 15 year old son, and uncover a possible second profession as a loan shark."
9:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - The Comeback "An ex-boxing champ who has been out of the ring for 11 years is wanted by gamblers who are harassing his son in order to get him back in the ring."
10:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - We Spy "In order to stop an industrial espionage plot, Pete assumes the role of a safe cracker and stumbles upon a murder case."
11:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - The Price of Love "While on vacation, Linc becomes a hostage after stumbling on a kidnapping of a young boy in a ghost town in the desert."
12:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Sentinels "The Squad is in search of a pair of murderers who harbor a group of diseased pigeons who are in danger of starting an encephalitis epidemic."
1:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Cricket "A murderer is looking for the retarded boy who accidentally shot Julie."
2:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Home is the Street "The Squad search for a drug pusher who shot two policemen."
3:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Survival "Three young hoodlums have stolen Julie's car and left her and a blind man on the desert. While searching for help Julie is bitten by a poisonous snake."
4:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Color of Laughter, Color of Tears "The Squad investigates when a carnival is sabotaged by thugs."
5:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Medicine Man "Julie's new love interest is a young doctor who is being blackmailed."
6:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Sands of Anger "When a mysterious explosion kills a driver in a desert dune buggy race, the Squad is sent to investigate."
7:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Poisoned Mind "Greer takes some time off, feeling depressed after having killed a young man while stopping a robbery."
8:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Exit the Closer "The Squad go undercover at a used car dealership to investigate a narcotics ring."
9:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - Whatever Happened to Linc Hayes? "Linc wanders the city suffering from amnesia after a mugging, wondering if he is the mental patient who escaped from the hospital ward as mentioned in the newspaper."
10:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - And a Little Child Shall Bleed Them "When a TV clown is threatened with death, the Squad is sent in to help protect him."
11:00PM ET
The Mod Squad - The Loser "Danny Morgan can't seem to catch a break. He has suffered automobile accidents, financial loses and is the care giver to his sick sister. To top it off, someone wants him dead."
12:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Death of a Nobody "An innocent woman is run down by a driver who Pete believes was targeting him."
1:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Feet of Clay "Linc makes friends with a deaf mute who saved the life of a guard during a warehouse fire, making him a reluctant hero."
2:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - I Am My Brother's Keeper "Linc and Julie go undercover when to look for Pete along the shipping docks, after he suffers an injury to his head."
3:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Deal With the Devil "Pete and Julie are sent to investigate when a correspondent from the Vietnam War disappears, having been involved in the drug scene."
4:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Kill Gently, Sweet Jessie "A paroled convicted murderer has his sights set on killing Pete, who he mistakes as the man responsible for a savage beating he suffered years ago."
5:00AM ET
The Mod Squad - Shockwave "Julie falls in love with a baby whose parents are wanted for a rash of terrorizing armed robberies."
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