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6:00AM ET
The Millionaire - The Story of Anton Bohrman "A famous polish pianist whose fingers where broken by rifle butts when he refused to play for the Nazis during world war ii receives a windfall."
6:30AM ET
The Millionaire - The Doctor Alan March Story "Dr. Alan march lets down a very good friend who dies on the operating table, holding himself responsible he quits his practice and searches for an old love."
7:00AM ET
Rowan & Martin's Laugh In - Season 5, Episode 5 "Sketches include the fortune teller, the nudist camp, the tough guy, the hippies, the discovery of the week, the galley slaves,the mean nurse, the Tarzan sketch, the Hollywood news, and the Underground film. Featuring Tony Curtis, Glen Ford, Edward G. Robinson, Frank Gorshin, and Johnny Carson."
8:00AM ET
Through the Decades - March 22 "On March 22, “Through the Decades” remembers the day Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson was sentenced to life in prison in 1995 after he opened fire, killing six people. We also take a look back on the day Bell Telephone Laboratories patented the laser in 1960, and on the day of his birth, we profile Canadian actor William Shatner."
9:00AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - Let's Look at Love "Mary decides to give up dating when she sees two boys flipping a coin to decide who will take her out on a date."
9:30AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - For Better or Worse "Alex boasts that he doesn't need to ask his wife's permission to go fishing like the other men do.."
10:00AM ET
Petticoat Junction - How Bugged Was My Valley "Hooterville is thrown into chaos when Uncle Joe tries to scare up some crop-dusting business for Steve Elliott"
10:30AM ET
Petticoat Junction - Twenty-Five Years Too Late "The presence of a competitor for Kate's hand motivates storekeeper Sam Drucker to confess his longstanding secret passion for her."
11:00AM ET
Family Affair - By a Whisker "To prove he's tough enough to join a boy's club, Jody must clip Mr. French's whiskers."
11:30AM ET
Family Affair - Waltz From Vienna "Cissy receives a royal marriage proposal, much to the dismay of Uncle Bill."
12:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy's Substitute Secretary "Lucy is preparing to go on vacation, but she has a change of heart when her substitute secretary turns out to be an attractive blonde who Mr. Mooney really likes. Lucy secretly doesn't go on vacation, and spies on them in various disguises."
12:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Viv Visits Lucy "Recently married Vivian leaves Danfield to visit Lucy and the two begin gossiping and making up for lost time. When Viv tells Lucy about a friend's son who's now sporting long-hair, a guitar and a clock earring, the duo decide to dress up as hippies and set off to Sunset Strip to find "Itchy" to rescue him from the underworld. Lucy and Viv quickly find themselves in The Hairy Ape, where they finally find Itchy entertaining – after they spend the evening having to dance with the hip crowd."
1:00PM ET
I Love Lucy - The Camping Trip "Lucy horns her way the boy's camping trip to feel closer to Ricky."
1:30PM ET
I Love Lucy - Ricky and Fred are TV Fans "Tired of being at home, Lucy and Ethel go out and end up in jail."
2:00PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - You Try to be a Nice Guy "Mary attempts to help a woman get her life on track, despite her apprehension."
2:30PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - You Can't Lose 'Em All "It's Teddy Awards drama when Ted isn't nominated and Lou faces his public speaking fear."
3:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - How to Spank a Star "Rob's favorite star wants to guest on the show but only seems to cause problems."
3:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - The Plots Thicken "Rob and Laura's families fight over where Laura will be buried."
4:00PM ET
The Bob Newhart Show - Emily Carlin, Emily Carlin "Mr. Carlin asks Emily to pretend to be his wife at his high school reunion."
4:30PM ET
Newhart - Shoe Business Is My Life "Michael searches for a job when he's fired by WPIV."
5:00PM ET
The Odd Couple - The Ides of April "Reporting to the IRS in response to a letter, Felix panics and blurts out Oscar's poor tax preparations."
5:30PM ET
The Odd Couple - Myrna's Debut "Oscar's secretary decides to pursue her dream of becoming a tap dancer, thanks to encouragement from Felix, who becomes her agent."
6:00PM ET
The Carol Burnett Show - Season 3, Episode 08 "Andy Griffith guests, retelling a familiar Aesop fable in his own inimitable fashion, then joins Carol for a down home, countrified fairy tale musical production number: "Cinderellie." Originally aired 11/17/1969."
7:00PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - Bobby Vinton, Shirley Bassey, and more "Today's episode features Bobby Vinton, Shirley Bassey, Al Koran, Lainie Kazan, Jackie Vernon, the Sugar Shoppe, and Gordon MacRae."
7:30PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - Leslie Uggams, Richard Pryor, The Muppets, and more "Today's episode features Leslie Uggams, Glenn Yarbrough, the Muppets, Brian Androv, Richard Pryor, Topo Gigio, and Lou Rawls."
8:00PM ET
Through the Decades - March 22 "On March 22, “Through the Decades” remembers the day Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson was sentenced to life in prison in 1995 after he opened fire, killing six people. We also take a look back on the day Bell Telephone Laboratories patented the laser in 1960, and on the day of his birth, we profile Canadian actor William Shatner."
9:00PM ET
The Dick Cavett Show - Katharine Hepburn "Featured on The Dick Cavett Show, Katharine Hepburn discusses her early acting career, a funny misunderstanding with Jack Barrymore, and how she quit smoking."
10:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Sally Is a Girl "Rob stops treating Sally like one of the boys, and everyone wonders if romance is in the air."
10:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Buddy, Can You Spare a Job? "Buddy plots to get fired when a dream job opens up."
11:00PM ET
Cheers - Sisterly Love "Rebecca and her estranged sister find one thing in common -- Sam."
11:30PM ET
Cheers - The Visiting Lecher "Frasier's colleague visits Boston and makes a pass at Rebecca."
12:00AM ET
Taxi - Bobby and the Critic "Bobby confronts a theater critic."
12:30AM ET
Newhart - Pirate Pete "Dick fills in for kiddie TV program host Pirate Pete, but inadvertently gets the show canceled."
1:00AM ET
The Lost Honeymooners - Game Called on Account of Marriage "Ralph has a tough choice to make -- go to the World Series or go to Alice's sister's wedding."
1:30AM ET
Get Smart - The Wax Max "Max and Agent 99 enjoy their day off at an amusement park. Little do they realize that the Amusement Park is actually a KAOS drop-off for secret messages."
2:00AM ET
The Phil Silvers Show - Bilko and the Flying Saucers "In order to go Washington for a date with a young singer, Bilko has to report to the Colonel that he has seen a U.F.O. and has to go to Washington to be debriefed."
2:30AM ET
Car 54, Where Are You? - Schnauser's Last Ride "In a flashback, Muldoon recalls the trouble Schnauser had twelve years previously. As a consequence, he was forced to give up riding his horse on patrol, converting to a vehicle."
3:00AM ET
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - Dobie Plays Cupid "Home on yet another weekend pass, Dobie drags the girl shy Maynard to a dance."
3:30AM ET
The Abbott and Costello Show - Pots and Pans "Lou sells cookware door-to-door. Then he prepares his friend a duck dinner with disastrous results."
4:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Madison Country Club "In order to get more money, Mr. Conklin pretends the school is impoverished."
4:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Mr. Whipple "The gang sets out to help a starving man in need -- not realizing he's a millionaire on a diet."
5:00AM ET
Dark Shadows - December 1, 1967 "Jeremiah struggles with Josette's actions, and Angelique plots to ruin her."
5:30AM ET
Dark Shadows - December 4, 1967 "Natalie starts to think that an evil force is present at Collinwood and suspects Victoria."
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