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Through the Decades - October 10

On October 10, Through the Decades remembers the Hollywood power couple that wed for the second time, Liz Taylor and Dick Burton. Mike Love takes us back in time to remember his life as a member of the Beach Boys. We're also looking back on the two day inferno that almost destroyed an entire city, the Great Chicago Fire. We're turning back the lens of time on when Vice President Spiro Agnew was forced to resign in disgrace. We look back on the excitement that surrounded a new minted coin that honored Susan B. Anthony and on the day of his birth we profile the life and career of David Lee Roth.

Through the Decades - October 15

On October 15, Through the Decades looks back on the debut of the unforgettable and beloved sitcom ... more

Through the Decades - Ocotber 9

On October 9, Through the Decades recalls the dedication of a tranquil garden in New York's Central ... more

Through the Decades - October 11

On October 11, Through the Decades delves into the story of the debate between Vice President ... more
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