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U.S.S. Maine

The battleship U.S.S. Maine’s mission from Washington was a friendly one: travel to Cuba to protect America’s interests on the island as Spain’s “Campaign of Suppression” was in full force. But on February 15, 1898 an onboard explosion killed 260 officers. At the time it was believed that a mine, placed by Spain, had struck the ship. A U.S. and Cuban alliance formed and demanded Spain leave the island. Spain instead declared war and so did the U.S. Congress which launched the Spanish-American War in 1898. But, the U.S.S. Maine wasn’t hit by a mine at all…

Henry Ford Sets Speed Record

The founder of the Ford Motor Company set a world speed record on January 12, 1904. Driving model ... more

Sounds of the Time with Richard Marx

"I wrote it in 15 minutes. The fastest song I ever wrote," said Richard Marx of his hit "Right ... more

Teflon: A Happy Accident

It was an accidental discovery that became a part of everyday living. Dr. Roy Plunkett, a chemist ... more
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