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Hubble Space Telescope Repaired

The first pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope were a big disappointment but NASA had a plan to make it right. The space shuttle Endeavor was sent up for a service mission. Over 11 days the Hubble received a new camera, instrument upgrades and new solar arrays. On December 9, 1993, the space telescope was declared a success and ready for re-deployment.

Retrospectacle: Summer of Love

A tidal wave of young people with long hair and tie-dye clothing flocked to San Francisco in ... more

Bill Remembers: Magic Johnson & His HIV Diagnosis

Bill Kurtis reflects on the media storm and flurry of questions that followed Magic Johnson’s ... more

The Rise of the Haight

It was the center of a fresh music scene that brought the rise of a new sound, and cultivated ... more
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