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Edison vs. Nikola

“Topsy” the elephant was publicly electrocuted on January 4, 1903. Topsy’s owners decided to put her down after the four ton elephant killed three handlers. A team of technicians flipped the switch that sent more than 6,000 volts of alternating current through Topsy. It was a victory for Nikola Tesla is his war with Thomas Edison about commercializing electric current.

Bill Remembers: The Charles Manson Murders

Bill Kurtis looks back on the gruesome murders of Sharon Tate and six others, all carried out ... more

The Real Uncle Sam

He is a symbol of our nation that has been used to inspire, unite and recruit. Uncle Sam is ... more

Jack Dempsey’s Fall From Grace

It was a crushing end for one of the greatest athletes of the 1920s. In 1926, five-time heavyweight ... more
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