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Decades Presents 1968: Robert F. Kennedy

Tune in Monday, June 4, at 9pm | 8c | 7m | 6p, for the premiere of “Decades Presents 1968: Robert F. Kennedy" on the DECADES Network. Relive the earthshaking year of 1968 and examine the life, tragedy and legacy of RFK, a man who championed the causes of equality and justice and gave his life in service of his ideals.

Jefferson Memorial

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had enough on his plate when he entered office; he was repairing a ... more

Decades talks to Greenwich Village legend Judy Collins

"Judy Collins was a fixture of the early '60s music scene in Greenwich Village, playing some ... more

Apple 1 Prototype

The prototype for the Apple l computer came to life on June 29, 1975. Built by Steve Wozniak, ... more
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