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Decades Presents 1968: Robert F. Kennedy

Tune in Monday, June 4, at 9pm | 8c | 7m | 6p, for the premiere of “Decades Presents 1968: Robert F. Kennedy" on the DECADES Network. Relive the earthshaking year of 1968 and examine the life, tragedy and legacy of RFK, a man who championed the causes of equality and justice and gave his life in service of his ideals.

Civil Rights Movement Begins

Montgomery, Alabama, became the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement in 1955 when Rosa Parks ... more

Robert Cray's Musical Influences

"Well, when I started playing the guitar, it was because of The Beatles. I wanted to be a Beatle ... more

The Moscow Circus & Its Bears Come to America

The Moscow Circus opened its American tour in New York in 1963. The star of the show was Valentin ... more
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