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Through the Decades remembers the victims of the infamous Richard Speck murder spree 50 years later

On July 14, 1966, Richard Speck murdered eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital.

On the 50th anniversary of their death, Through the Decades remembers the victims through those who knew them best. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our special including rare photos from friends and family. 

John and Nina Schmale

John Schmale and his sister Nina, one of the eight victims. 

John Schmale today

John Schmale, MD, remembers his sister Nina in a behind-the-scenes moment from our special. 

Tammy Siouchoff Lambajian

Lambajian was a nursing student at South Chicago Community Hospital and a good friend of Nina Schmale. 

Tammy Siouchoff Lambajian today

Tammy Siouchoff Lambajian, who lived in a neighboring townhouse, remembers the events of July 14, 1966. 

Nina Schmale

Schmale moved into the East 100th Street townhouse in the summer of 1965, when she was just 24 years old. Here she is in an undated photo provided by her family. 

Nina Schmale and Tammy Siouchoff Lambajian

The nursing students and friends at a talent show.

Nursing students having fun in 1963

Nina took this photo during a nursing student event, believed to be 1963, their freshman year. Pamela Wilkening is at the far left, Mary Ann Jordan on the far right and Suzie Farris is second from right. 

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