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The 10 best spoofs on 'Get Smart'

"Bronzefinger" Spoof of: Goldfinger

As with "Dr. Yes," this was a obvious riff on James Bond, though this source material proved to be far more spoofable. When the villain reveals his metal thumb, Maxwell proclaims, "Bronzethumb!" To which Bronzefinger retorts, "Bronzefinger! A thumb is also a finger." That sums of the show rather nicely for newcomers.
"Die, Spy" Spoof of: I, Spy

Three days before the first episode of Get Smart, NBC premiered I, Spy, a far more serious — if not the most realistic — television spy show of the era. The leads played by Robert Culp and Bill Cosby used tennis as their cover. Naturally, Get Smart translates this into ping pong. Culp even pops up as a Turkish waiter, pushing this into the top ten.
"Run, Robot, Run" Spoof of: The Avengers

No, not Marvel superheroes. Our heroes CONTROL enter Hymie the robot into an international athletic event. In response, KAOS dispatches agents Mr. Sneed and Mrs. Emily Neal — parodies of the eternally cool Emma Peel and Steed of The Avengers.
"Aboard the Orient Express" Spoof of: Murder on the Orient Express

This early episode is based on Agatha Christie's classic Poirot mystery. Keep your eyes peeled for the train conductor — Johnny Carson!
"Classification: Dead"

Spoof of: D.O.A.

The 1950 film noir D.O.A. is perhaps the most obscure reference on this list, but the movie is a classic of the genre, especially for film students who study the long, fantastic opening shot. (It's fallen into public domain, so you should watch it.) Both the original and the Get Smart spoof involve the hero racing against a ticking clock after being poisoned.
"Greer Window"

Spoof of: Rear Window

Max is shot in his, er, rear in this pitch perfect Hitchcock spoof. Just so happens, that a business across the street, Greer Industries, is up to no good while he recovers at home.
"The King Lives?" Spoof of: The Prisoner of Zenda

Don Adams takes his spoofing to another level in this play on the 1937 film The Prisoner of Zenda, as he impersonates its star, Ronald Colman. Even if you don't get the reference, its a riot. The plot involves a man who is a dead ringer for a dead king.
"Tequila Mockingbird" Spoof of: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yes, the title is a pun on Harper Lee, but this highlight is all spaghetti western (and a little bit the Maltese Falcon, too). In a parody of the iconic climax to the Clint Eastwood classic, Max gets in a Mexican standoff. Though he is not quite Sergio Leone, Don Adams does a nice job directing this one.
"Island of the Darned" Spoof of: The Most Dangerous Game

Some claim The Hunger Games is a knock-off of Battle Royale, but really all those human hunting horror tales owe a debt to The Most Dangerous Game, the brilliant short story from 1924. Max and 99 must survive on an island as the become the human prey of a demented hunter—Rhoda's dad, Harold Gould! What sets it over the top is the production, as the show gets the stars out on location.
"The Not-So-Great Escape" Spoof of: The Great Escape

Another famous debut of September 1965? Hogan's Heroes, which premiered a day before Get Smart. (What a season of television that was!) This two-part season four finale has much in common with Stalag 13, but sets its aim squarely on the Steve McQueen classic.
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