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You had to live through the 1970s to remember all these ad slogans

"You deserve a break today." So take this quiz.

Jingles stick in your heads for decades. Which is helpful in this quiz.

We've gathered some memorable commercial slogans that aired during the 1970s. Some of them stuck around for years. Others are relics of the decade.

See if you can match these ad taglines to the correct brand. Good luck!

  1. "I am stuck on _______, because ________ is stuck on me!"
  2. "_______ is the place with the helpful hardware man."
  3. "You deserve a break today."
  4. "Nobody doesn't like ________."
  5. Karl Malden said, "Don't leave home without it."
  6. "_______, take me away!"
  7. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
  8. "Reach out and touch someone."
  9. It was "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman."
  10. "Please don't squeeze the _______."
  11. This fast food chain made an early commercial in 1977 that said, "When you're hungry, make tracks for ________."
  12. This fast food chain claimed, "We're the fresh food place."
  13. This brand promised that it "Helps keep you face to face."
  14. This company had people singing, "We wear short shorts."
  15. "Sometimes you feel like a nut…"
  16. This commercial had Broderick Crawford of Highway Patrol declaring, "It's not too sweet."
You had to live through the 1970s to remember all these ad slogans

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