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Yes or No: Did these classic TV shows ever win an Emmy?

Who else earned a trophy like Columbo here?

Image: AP Photo

Spoiler alert: Columbo won an Emmy. That's why Peter Falk was clutching that big, beautiful trophy in 1976.

Whenever a new round of Primetime Emmy Award nominations come, the conversation typically turns to snubs. Who deserved more love?

Those who go overlooked should not feel too bad. They are in good company. Some classic television shows never took home a trophy. Conversely, those who won might surprise you.

Below, you will see 13 titles of timeless TV series. Simple question: Did they ever win an Emmy? We're talking ANY Emmy — acting, writing, cinematography, series, etc. Go for the gold!
  1. Star Trek?
  2. Batman?
  3. The Jeffersons?
  4. The Twilight Zone?
  5. The Monkees?
  6. The Brady Bunch
  7. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?
  8. Mission: Impossible?
  9. The Muppet Show?
  10. Magnum P.I.?
  11. Wonder Woman?
  12. The Beverly Hillbillies?
  13. Get Smart?
Yes or No: Did these classic TV shows ever win an Emmy?

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