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Who sang these pop songs about classic TV shows?

These hits featured references to Mary Tyler Moore, The Brady Bunch, Star Trek and more.

There's a hip band called TV on the Radio. This quiz is not about them. 

No, this quiz is about when TV is on the radio, when popular songs reference television shows. We gathered hits from across the decades. They featured lyrics about everything from The Twilight Zone to Dynasty

Can you correctly guess who sang them? Good luck!
  1. He sang "You don't have to watch Dynasty" in his No. 1 hit from 1986.
  2. This iconic British band sang about a British sitcom called Meet the Wife in its 1967 song "Good Morning Good Morning."
  3. He mentioned TV classics like Davy Crockett and Peyton Place (and dozens of other things) in a No. 1 hit of 1989.
  4. This rap group referenced both The Flintstones and Star Trek in its 1998 Top 40 hit "Intergalactic."
  5. This rapper won a Grammy in 1989 for his song that mentioned The Brady Bunch. He would later have his own TV show.
  6. A quarter century ago, this rock band sang about "Mary Tyler Moore" in its No. 2 Modern Rock smash.
  7. This German act sang that "Everyone's a Captain Kirk" in its 1984 No. 2 hit "99 Luftballons."
  8. Time for a commercial break! Which band sang about "that man" on the TV selling detergent in a 1965 No.1 hit?
  9. This band scored a big hit in 1992 by singing about Taxi star and comedy legend Andy Kaufman. Later, Hollywood used the song title for a Kaufman biopic.
  10. This cartoonish act titled its 2001 "Clint Eastwood," in honor of the Rawhide star. Though the chorus "I got sunshine in a bag" was from The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.
  11. This rapper mentioned talk show hosts Regis and Kathy Lee in his 2004 No. 11 hit "Jesus Walks." He has also made a lot of references to the sitcom Martin.
  12. He mentioned The Twilight Zone in his smash "Somebody's Watching Me," which went to No. 2 in 1984.
  13. This Dutch band scored a Top 10 hit in 1982 with a song called "Twilight Zone." They had a hit a decade earlier with "Radar Love."
  14. This band referenced Hill Street Blues, Dallas and The Jeffersons in the American punk classic "TV Party." You could also hear it in the movie 'Repo Man.'
Who sang these pop songs about classic TV shows?

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