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Who said these funny lines on The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Can you match the character to the catchphrase or one-liner?

The Dick Van Dyke Show had many great lines during its five-season run. There were the recurring jokes, like insulting Mel the producer, or perfect one-liners that only fit the specific and hilarious situations the characters on this classic sitcom usually found themselves in.

See if you can guess which characters said these lines in the quiz below.

  1. After Laura let the secret slip that Alan Brady is bald, who tells her:
  2. Who most often says the line:
  3. When Mel the producer asks the writing staff to show him a little respect, who replies:
  4. After getting insulted, who responds with this disgusted sound:
  5. After realizing a sketch was plagiarized, Rob explains he got the idea from his son. Who quickly responds:
  6. Who always quotes their aunt by saying:
  7. Who most often says:
  8. Who says the line:
  9. Who says the line:
  10. After Rob gets praised in an article for being the reason The Alan Brady Show is funny, who tells him:
  11. After hiding in the same bed with Laura, Buddy and Sally, Rob comments that nothing unusual has happened in the haunted cabin they’re staying in. Who replies:
  12. Who says:
Who said these funny lines on The Dick Van Dyke Show?

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