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Who are these TV stars wearing Halloween costumes?

We hope you score more "Boo!" than "Boo Hoo!"

Nobody celebrates Halloween like a television show. Halloween episodes have been a staple of sitcoms and dramas for decades.

Below, you will find a dozen images of actors in the Halloween spirit. They're wearing costumes to celebrate the holiday. See if you can identify them all!
  1. He had a devil of a good time playing an inn owner in Vermont.
  2. The man in the middle played a character on The Andy Griffith Show named after a popular peanut candy. Who was he?
  3. These two were always ready for Halloween. What was the name of the character on the left played by Agnes Moorehead?
  4. Where could you find this cast working — on the ground, on the seas or in the air?
  5. You probably recognize the dog, but who is the woman on the right?
  6. The fellow on the right became a star on the big screen. What movie franchise made him one of the highest paid actors?
  7. This "Harpo" was the housekeeper for the Jeffersons. Name the actress!
  8. These two trick-or-treaters are ringing the doorbell on The Dinah Shore Show. But they are better known as what two TV characters?
  9. What was this character's name?
  10. She was in an Easter mood for Halloween. What sitcom was she on?
  11. These tough guys could be found on what '90s drama?
  12. Finally, she earned her stripes on The Mod Squad.
Who are these TV stars wearing Halloween costumes?

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