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Who are these celebrities on the cover of TV Guide in 1989?

They were the A-list thirty years ago.

What can you get for 75¢ these days? Not much. Three decades ago, a few quarters would buy you the entire world of television. 

TV Guide was a must-have for TV viewers. Almost literally. How else could you find out what was going to be on every night? "But you can pull up the listings on your screen now," young people might be saying. Sure, but can you put that into your pocket?

Right, your phones, okay. But the TV Guide had more than listings! The weekly magazine interviewed celebrities, too! And put them on the cover! And if you dropped it in water, well, it was a lot less traumatic. Remember, it only cost 65¢.

See if you can I.D. these stars who graced the cover of TV Guide Magazine in 1989.

  1. Try to hit the bullseye. She played which Cheers character?
  2. Which sitcom dad is this?
  3. Hey, Doog! Who played this boy doctor?
  4. These two sitcom stars married in 1989. Name their two shows.
  5. In 1988, she won acclaim for her role in which hit comedy film?
  6. You know the man with the 'stache. He previously played this character on television.
  7. You know her best for playing a girl named…
  8. Who is hugging Elizabeth Taylor? (Hint: He was the second guy ever chosen as People's "Sexiest Man Alive.")
  9. Who is this news figure?
  10. These two women (the adults, not the babies) could be found on which two sitcoms?
Who are these celebrities on the cover of TV Guide in 1989?

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