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Which Twilight Zone episode is your greatest fear?

Consider if you will a quiz, a measure of your deepest fears. All of us are frightened of something that keeps us up at night. The genius of The Twilight Zone is that the show managed to find that inner fear in all of us.

Over five decades later, Rod Serling's classic television series still manages to dazzle and frighten us with its moral tales of suspense and surprise endings. Whether you're afraid of heights, spiders or aging, there is one episode of The Twilight Zone custom tailored to make your skin crawl.

Answer these questions and discover which episode is your worst nightmare.

  1. What scared you the most as a child?
  2. What superpower do you wish you had?
  3. What's the worst part of air travel?
  4. Whose writings creep you out the most?
  5. What stresses you out in the morning?
  6. What color is the most unsettling?
  7. How do you unwind?
  8. Which Twilight Zone plot device is your favorite?
  9. What's the scariest movie?
  10. Which obscure phobia sounds the worst just by its name alone?
Which Twilight Zone episode is your greatest fear?

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