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Which TV shows featured these black cats?

You're going to need good luck to pass this one.

They say a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. Unless it's on your TV screen. Because black cats have made for some great television.

We found some felines from twelve classic TV series. See if you can identify the show by the kitty. 
  1. Recognize the cat in the background (and the woman in the foreground)?
  2. These two loved to obey a black cat.
  3. This spooky sitcom had a pet cat named Kitty that roared like a lion.
  4. This sci-fi classic had memorable black cats in a couple episodes in season two.
  5. Recognize this Western?
  6. This '90s teen favorite had a black cat in a big role.
  7. Eve Arden came face-to-face with a black cat in this pioneering early-'50s sitcom.
  8. See if you can recognize the man holding the black cat.
  9. This 1950s series from Blake Edwards featured this stylish black cat in the opening credits.
  10. The family cat Rusty brought along a lot of his friends in this episode.
  11. Of course, if you don't have a black cat, you can always paint a white one, like on this Western.
  12. Finally, the episode "Law and Disorder" of this family sitcom features a sooty cat falling from a fireplace.
Which TV shows featured these black cats?

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