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Which role do you associate these actors with?

Tell us why in the comments!

Image: The Everett Collection

There are a few reasons you might associate an actor with a certain role. Maybe you grew up crushing on Kate Jackson as Sabrina Duncan, or you're just a born-and-raised Trekkie who knows William Shatner will always be James Kirk.

Whatever the reason, we want to hear which roles are most memorable for some of classic TV's most famous faces.

See how many people agree with you!

  1. Is Andy Griffith Andy Taylor or Ben Matlock in your heart?
  2. Will Bob Denver forever be Gilligan or Maynard G. Krebs?
  3. How about Buddy Ebsen? Barnaby Jones or Jed Clampett?
  4. Is Dick Van Dyke Rob Petrie or Dr. Mark Sloan?
  5. Do you think of William Shatner as Captain J. T. Kirk or T. J. Hooker?
  6. Do you remember Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards or Laura Petrie?
  7. When you think of Betty White, do you think of Sue Anne Nivens or Rose Nylund?
  8. Is James Garner Bret Maverick or Jim Rockford to you?
  9. When you think of Ron Howard, does Opie Taylor or Richie Cunningham pop into your head?
  10. When it comes to Kate Jackson, are you more of a Sabrina Duncan or Amanda King fan?
  11. Do you associate Gavin MacLeod with Merrill Stubing or Murray Slaughter?
  12. Do you think of Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner or Tim O'Hara?
  13. Is Bob Newhart actually Bob Hartley or Dick Loudon in your mind?
Which role do you associate these actors with?

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