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Which half of these comedic TV duos is taller?

Prove that you're a TV fan who's head and shoulders above the rest.

Some of the funniest stars we watched on TV came in pairs. These famous comedic duos had us doubling over so much, you might not have noticed which of the two literally rose above the other.

Think you can pick out the taller of the two from some of classic TV's most famous comedic duos? Below, we've picked out pairs with both staggering height differences everyone should know and others that true TV fans will know from closely watching these shows over all these years.

Prove that you're head and shoulders above all other TV fans by guessing the height right every time. Good luck!
  1. Who was taller from The Abbott and Costello Show: Bud Abbott or Lou Costello?
  2. Who was taller from The Andy Griffith Show: Andy Griffith or Don Knotts?
  3. Who was taller from Gilligan's Island: Bob Denver or Alan Hale Jr.?
  4. Who was taller from I Love Lucy: Desi Arnaz or Lucille Ball?
  5. Who was taller from Happy Days: Ron Howard or Henry Winkler?
  6. Who was taller from The Jeffersons: Sherman Hemsley or Isabel Sanford?
  7. Who was taller from The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Valerie Harper or Mary Tyler Moore?
  8. Who was taller from Cheers: John Ratzenberger or George Wendt?
  9. Who was taller from The Golden Girls: Bea Arthur or Estelle Getty?
  10. Who was taller from Laverne & Shirley: Penny Marshall or Cindy Williams?
  11. Who was taller from Seinfeld: Jason Alexander or Julia Louis-Dreyfus?
  12. Who was taller from The Facts of Life: Nancy McKeon or Lisa Whelchel?
Which half of these comedic TV duos is taller?

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