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Which decade had the best food?

Do you miss the snacks from your childhood?

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Maybe your parents never kept things like unhealthy cakes in the pantry, or maybe since you've grown up you realized that you actually feel better when most of your sustenance doesn't come out of a crinkly bag. 

However, Decades quizzes are all about pretending, and today we're going to think back at that delicious junk food that you snacked on while watching your favorite cartoons (even if you had to sneak it at your friend's house.) Pick your favorite foods in the next 10 questions and we'll tell you which era matches up with your snacking habits!
  1. It's the most important meal of the day! What would you rather have for breakfast?
  2. What's in your ideal lunch box?
  3. What are you snacking on after a long day?
  4. Which chocolate candy sounds best?
  5. Not all of the best candies are chocolate, though.
  6. Remember the heyday of snack cakes? Which was your favorite?
  7. Nothing like a nice bag of chips. Which do you prefer?
  8. Hope you're not too full for dinner! Which quick meal would you want to whip up?
  9. Got room for dessert? What's your favorite cookie?
  10. What homemade dessert do you prefer?
Which decade had the best food?

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