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Where in America are they driving in these TV show opening credits?

Road trip!

Road trip! When you're planning your next vacation, perhaps look for ideas in the opening credits of classic TV shows.

The following opening credits took place all over this great land of ours. Characters were motoring in the Midwest, wagoning in the West, eating up the pavement in the East, shuffling along in the South. 

See if you can place all of these cars correctly on a map. Good luck!

  1. Where is this fellow rumbling on his bike?
  2. Where is this taxi crossing a bridge?
  3. Where is this family crossing a bridge?
  4. Where is Ms. Richards motoring down a highway?
  5. Where is this Ferrari peeling out?
  6. How about this Ferrari?
  7. Where is this Jeep driving?
  8. Where are these couples cruising?
  9. Those credits aren't getting in the way — they are a clue.
  10. Oh, no! Someone needs a tow! Where is this station wagon?
  11. In which rustic countryside is this car driving?
Where in America are they driving in these TV show opening credits?

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