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What's your 'I Love Lucy' New Year's resolution?

Trust Lucy to be your life coach.

Looking to shake things up in 2020? Turn to one of TV's biggest icons for inspiration!

Over the course of I Love Lucy, we've seen Lucy Ricardo hone new skills in 25 minutes or less. From scheduling to sculpting, she makes a great muse for your New Year's resolution, especially since when things go wrong, she can show you how to always bounce back.

Want to see what I Love Lucy recommends to get a great start to your new year? Answer these five quick questions below, and let Lucy be your life coach!
  1. Pick a goal that's close to what you’d like to accomplish next year:
  2. Great start! Now, pick a piece of fruit:
  3. Nice choices so far! Next, pick a superhero you admire:
  4. OK, looking good. Time to dream big. Pick a place you’d like to go that you’ve never seen before:
  5. Last question! Which Lucy expression best matches your hopes and dreams for the New Year?
What's your 'I Love Lucy' New Year's resolution?

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