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What would you watch on TV in 1969?

It's the end of a decade. What shows would you have been watching?

The Sixties were quite a decade of change. The world was a much different place in 1969 than it was in 1960. That goes for what was on television, too. The small screen went from black & white to full color. There was far more variety, too.

Which begs the question: With all that variety, what would you watch? Here are some schedule selections from the fall of 1969. Which channel are you choosing? See how your selections stack up against others.
  1. It's Sunday at 7PM. The weekend is almost over, but not before some more great television. Pick something to watch.
  2. Now it's Monday at 8:30PM. What's on the tube?
  3. Tuesday, 7:30PM. You can go action, comedy or Western. What will it be?
  4. No signs of "the rural purge" here on Wednesday at 8PM. What would your household be watching?
  5. Plenty of family friendly options on Thursday at 7:30PM.
  6. Later that same evening, on Thursday at 8:30PM, what are you viewing?
  7. It's Friday evening and you're parked on the couch from 7:30PM through 8:30PM, before heading to the drive-in. What are you watching?
  8. The weekend is here! Time to wake up and watch some cartoons. What's the pick on Saturday at 10:30AM?
  9. It's quite a variety on Saturday at 8:30PM.
  10. Finally, there is the all important after-school pick. What would you race home to watch on weekdays at 4PM?
What would you watch on TV in 1969?

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