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What is the best lasagna recipe?

See how your favorite version compares to others!

Image: Galbani Cheese
You know it, you love it, you probably had it at some point as a Sunday-night dinner staple: Lasagna.

Lasagna has a history that's as long as the greatest cheese-pull you've ever seen. A word of Italian descent, "lasagne" are a type of wide, flat pasta noodle, commonly believed to be one of the oldest forms of pasta in history. "Lasagna" refers to the culinary dish of layered pasta sheets and fillings. The earliest record of this dish can be found in a book called Liber di Coquina, or The Book of Cookery. This early 14th-century book describes an early version of this dish as being fermented dough flattened, boiled and sprinkled with cheese and spices. 

Typically ascribed to the city of Naples, this dish has evolved over the years to resemble what we now look forward to for Sunday dinners. The possibilities are endless as you cross borders and learn about each regional speciality. 

In honor of National Lasagna Day, it's time to let the world know what the very best recipe for lasagna is. Take the survey below and see how your lasagna preference stacks up against other pasta-lovers!
  1. Get out your supplies: What kind of pan are you using?
  2. Let's start with the base. Noodles: do you boil them ahead of time, or use the no-boil sheets?
  3. As we've learned, there can be more than one sauce option. Do you use a red sauce or a white sauce in your lasagna?
  4. Let's say you are using a red sauce. Do you use a chunky tomato marinara or a hefty meat sauce?
  5. The ricotta cheese. Do you mix yours with egg, or do you use it as is?
  6. OK, here's one that can be pretty divisive: do you add cottage cheese to your lasagna?
  7. What do you top off your lasagna with?
  8. Do you prefer a slice from the edge or a slice from the middle?
  9. Last, but not least: Does lasagna taste better fresh out of the oven or the next day as a leftover dish?
What is the best lasagna recipe?

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