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Was this the title of an Elvis movie or a sitcom in the 1960s?

Can you spot the difference between a King flick and a TV show?

Everybody knows Elvis. He is the King. But do you know Tulsa McLean, Pacer Burton, Toby Kwimper and Jodie Tatum? 

Those are also all Elvis! Well, they are characters Presley played in movies in the 1960s. 

After helping make rock 'n' roll the sound of American youth, Elvis shifted his sights to Hollywood in the Sixties. The singer starred in 27 films that decade. Yep, about three per year. Take that, The Rock!

Meanwhile, on the small screen, dozens of quirky sitcoms were entertaining families. 

Think you can spot the difference between an Elvis movie and a sitcom from the '60s? Good luck!

  1. G.I. Blues
  2. Captain Nice
  3. Camp Runamuck
  4. Roustabout
  5. Love on a Rooftop
  6. Kissin' Cousins
  7. Kid Galahad
  8. Follow That Dream
  9. The Ugliest Girl in Town
  10. Broadside
  11. Tickle Me
  12. Girl Happy
  13. Hey, Landlord
Was this the title of an Elvis movie or a sitcom in the 1960s?

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