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Try to make it through this quiz without leaving McDonald's

Prove that you're the Big Cheese in all McDonaldland.

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Since McDonald's started expanding its menu beyond burgers and fries, the menu has basically never been the same, with items coming and going each decade.

So if you've been staring at McDonald's menu for years, this quiz is for you. 

Below, we'll give you a chance to order 10 different items, and it's your task to pick the McDonald's menu item every time. 

If you can make it through the quiz without leaving McDonald's, you can consider yourself the new Mayor of McDonaldland. One wrong answer and you'll end up at the wrong restaurant. Good luck!
  1. All right, the day has just begun, so you're looking for breakfast. Pick a menu item you could find at McDonald's:
  2. Next, we're looking for a snack, so a side item sounds about right. Pick a side you could once find on McDonald's menu:
  3. Let's get down to business and order a sandwich McDonald's is known for. Pick a sandwich you could find on the McDonald's menu:
  4. Now it's lunch time, and we're surprisingly hungry. Pick a sandwich you'd find on McDonald's menu:
  5. Let's pump the break on burgers and order something from the sea. Pick a fish sandwich you could find at McDonald's:
  6. Let's wash it down with a milkshake. Pick a milkshake you could find at certain times at McDonald's:
  7. Promotional items are always fun to try but often sorely missed when they're gone. Pick an item that's no longer on the menu at McDonald's, but once was:
  8. Let's keep dreaming about discontinued menu items. Pick another item you can no longer find at McDonald's, but once could:
  9. Some menu items aren't discontinued but they don't stay the same either. Pick the dessert you could find on McDonald's menu today:
  10. Last question is for the true McDonald's fans. Can you pick out the real name for the sandwich below that once existed on McDonald's menu?
Try to make it through this quiz without leaving McDonald's

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