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The impossible 'Mission: Impossible' trivia quiz!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Complete this quiz!

Think you know everything about the covert operations of television's coolest spies? Try to work your way through this obstacle course of trivia! Even if you don't know a single answer, you'll learn 13 fascinating facts about the series.

This quiz will self destruct. (Not really.)

  1. Leonard Nimoy first appeared as The Great Paris in what season?
  2. Which of the following Star Trek actors did NOT appear on Mission: Impossible?
  3. What heist film inspired series creator Bruce Geller to make Mission: Impossible?
  4. In what time signature did composer Lalo Schifrin set the theme song?
  5. What was the eponymous name that M:I creators jokingly gave to the fake Eastern European language used on the show?
  6. Greg "Barney Collier" Morris later revisited his role of electronics expert in a three-part episode called "Mission: Incredible" on what sitcom?
  7. In what country did CBS shoot the 1988 remake series of "Mission: Impossible" with Peter Graves?
  8. Why did CBS decide to remake the series in 1988?
  9. Martin Landau and Barbara Bain later appeared together in what sci-fi series?
  10. Which Hollywood legend was owner of the studio that filmed and financed "Mission: Impossible"?
  11. Which of the following was NOT one of Martin Landau's disguises on the show?
  12. Who is the only character from the original series to show up in the Tom Cruise film franchise?
  13. Who was the only IMF agent outside of leaders Dan Briggs and Jim Phelps to ever listen to a self-destructing mission tape?
The impossible 'Mission: Impossible' trivia quiz!

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