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The epic classic TV actor quiz (for serious fans only)

Do you know Ted Knight from Ted McGinley?

Image: Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash

If you've been watching credits roll on TV since you were a kid, today's the day you'll finally have a chance to put all that reading to good use!

Casual TV fans will struggle, but serious fans of classic TV will breeze through this quiz of some of the best-loved actors of the past five decades.

Ready to see how many actors and actresses of the small screen you can name? See if you can score 25 or better. Good luck!
  1. She played Lucy's best friend on 'I Love Lucy.' What's the actress' name?
  2. She played Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series. What's the actress' name?
  3. He played Perry Mason for nine seasons and many TV movies. What's the actor's name?
  4. He played Major Seth Adams on 'Wagon Train.' What's the actor's name?
  5. He played Will Robinson on the original 'Lost in Space.' What's the actor's name?
  6. She played Granny on 'The Beverly Hillbillies.' What's the actress' name?
  7. He played Oscar Madison, one half of TV's 'The Odd Couple.' What's the actor's name?
  8. He played Mannix for eight seasons on TV. What's the actor's name?
  9. She played two part as identical cousins on her own sitcom in the 1960s. What's the actress' name?
  10. He played George Jefferson on 'The Jeffersons' for 11 seasons. What's the actor's name?
  11. He played older brother Wally Cleaver on 'Leave It to Beaver' in the 1950s. What's the actor's name?
  12. In the 1980s, this noted actor played Matlock for nine seasons. What's the actor's name?
  13. She played Mary Ann Summer on 'Gilligan's Island' for three seasons. What's the actress' name?
  14. This actor starred in both a TV western ('Bonanza') and a space drama ('Battlestar Galactica'). What's the actor's name?
  15. She played Thelma Harper on 'Mama's Family.' What's the actress' name?
  16. On 'My Three Sons,' he played Uncle Charley. What's the actor's name?
  17. She played Uhura on the original Star Trek series. What's the actress' name?
  18. She played Aunt Bee on 'The Andy Griffith Show.' What's the actress' name?
  19. She played the radio station's secretary Jennifer Marlowe on 'WKRP in CIncinnati.' What's the actress' name?
  20. He memorably played Ted Baxter on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show.' What's the actor's name?
  21. She played Rhoda on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and her own self-titled hit spin-off. What's the actress' name?
  22. He played Steve McGarrett on 'Hawaii Five-O' for 12 seasons. What's the actor's name?
  23. He played 'The Rifleman' star character Lucas McCain for five seasons. What's the actor's name?
  24. He played Uncle Joe Carson on 'Petticoat Junction.' What's the actor's name?
  25. She played The Catwoman in the 1966 'Batman' series, one of her best-remembered roles. What's the actress' name?
  26. He played Alex Reiger on 'Taxi' for five seasons. What was the actor's name?
  27. He played James T. West on 'The Wild Wild West' for four seasons. What's the actor's name?
  28. First he starred as Bret Maverick on 'Maverick,' then Jim Rockford on 'The Rockford Files.' What's the actor's name?
  29. His character Trapper John was so popular on 'M*A*S*H,' he got his own spin-off show. What's the actor's name?
  30. First he was Murray Slaughter on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' then later captain of TV's 'The Love Boat.' What's the actor's name?
The epic classic TV actor quiz (for serious fans only)

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