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Shh! These TV characters are all sleeping. Try to name them all.


Who says watching people sleep makes for boring television? These thirteen scenes kept our eyes peeled. Probably because they were all such fascinating characters.

See if you can identify some of the most iconic classic TV characters in deep sleep. But try to keep it quiet!
  1. He is often dozing off.
  2. What are the last names of these two sleeping characters?
  3. Name this character asleep in the booth.
  4. What is the name of this snoozing boy?
  5. Name the two Brady boys asleep in this shot.
  6. Who is the sleepyhead in this scene?
  7. Who is the sleeping Angel in this bed?
  8. Shh! Teenage boys need their rest.
  9. You had to take a nap whenever you could.
  10. Nothing seems to be waking him up.
  11. You could find these sleeping boys on which family sitcom?
  12. Try to wake him up by yelling his last name. Wait… what is his last name?
  13. Some call Dodge City a sleepy little town.
Shh! These TV characters are all sleeping. Try to name them all.

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