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Quiz: Which vintage frozen TV dinner is your soul food?

The aluminum tray. The little dessert compartment. The kernels of corn leaving their pen and getting into the gravy and cobbler. The original TV dinners could hardly hold up to home cooking, but they were pure comfort food. Which meal you picked from the freezer aisle at the grocery store could speak volumes about your personality. 

Rewind the clock to the pre-plastic, pre-microwave age of frozen supper and find out which classic TV dinner is your soul match.
  1. Which holiday do you most enjoy?
  2. Which sci-fi concept would you most like to see become reality?
  3. What is your spirit animal?
  4. What is the longest airplane flight you have ever been on?
  5. Purchase a piece of art from one of these painters.
  6. You can eat dinner with one of these TV characters.
  7. You take in a stray animal. Give it a name from 'Gilligan's Island.'
  8. An ideal vacation involves…
  9. The best season of the year is…
Quiz: Which vintage frozen TV dinner is your soul food?

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