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PICK: Would you eat these vintage holiday dishes from 1959?

Would you go back for seconds of Prune Whip, Tongue Loaf and Rice Imperial?

Thanksgiving is the most traditional of American holidays. That being said, over the decades, the food on our table has quietly evolved. The turkey may have stayed the same, but most families no longer cook up aspics, steamed puddings, chiffon cakes, soufflé and livers.

We flipped through the November 1959 and December 1959 issues of Ladies' Home Journal to find some forgotten recipes. As nostalgic, adventurous eaters, we would probably try everything. Okay, maybe not the "Molded Salad."

Let's see how your tastes compare to others. Pick which vintage holiday dishes you would eat!
  1. Frosted Candy Cane Dinner Rolls?
  2. "Rice Imperial"?
  3. Canned Peaches and Turkey?
  4. A shortbread house covered in raisins?
  5. Steamed Orange Pudding with Foamy Eggnog Sauce?
  6. Country Beef Pie with an All-Meat "Crust"?
  7. Molded Vegetable Salad?
  8. None Such Whipped Cream Cake with Vanilla Wafers and Mincemeat?
  9. Do-Ahead Cranberry Souffle Salad?
  10. Deviled Ham "Snow Cap Spread"?
  11. Ginger-Glazed Pork and Tongue Loaf?
  12. Chicken Livers Velouté — for breakfast? It has bacon in it.
  13. Chicken Cream Corn Curry?
  14. Turkey-Apple Bake?
  15. Prune Whip? They say it's "the perfect end to any meal"! Is it?
PICK: Would you eat these vintage holiday dishes from 1959?

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