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Pick: Who do you consider the biggest TV star of the 1960s?

A battle you never expected to see: Carol Burnett vs. Captain Kirk.

The 1960s was a special time in TV history. The biggest names were just coming up and doing their very best early work. It makes it practically impossible to pick a favorite from so many familiar faces we still know and love today.

However, that's exactly what we're going to ask you to do today: Pick the TV star from the 1960s who defined the decade for you. 

Below, we've assembled a formidable cast of top acting talents from the '60s. Take as much time as you need to decide whose star shone the brightest, then we'll let you know how many others agree with you.
  1. Pick the actor or actress who you consider to be the biggest TV star of the 1960s:
Pick: Who do you consider the biggest TV star of the 1960s?

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