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Pick: Which TV best friend totally stole the spotlight?

In classic TV, there are the stars who often play scenes straight, then the funny supportive best friend character, who often ends up becoming the heart of the show.

On shows like I Love Lucy, Lucy's best friend Ethel often literally stole the spotlight, featuring in Ricky's shows that Lucy desperately wanted to join. But most times it was much subtler than that, from the Fonz working his way up to top billing on Happy Days to cherished characters like Rhoda Morgenstern who got her own spin-off show after The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Think you can pick the one character who stands out in TV best friend history as the biggest scene-stealer? Vote from these beloved best friend characters below and see how many others agree with your choice in friends! 
  1. Which TV best friend do you think stole the spotlight most on their hit show?
Pick: Which TV best friend totally stole the spotlight?

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