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Pick: Which song would you listen to on the radio in 1974?

Time to get funky. Or not. It's your choice!

But in 1974, funk music reigned supreme on the radio as disco was heating up. Elsewhere, every former Beatle except George scored a No. 1 hit. Soft-rock offers a breezy alternative. And, yes, some classic rock scraped its way to the top of the charts.

Below, you will find dozens of No. 1 hits from '74. A whopping 36 different songs hit No. 1 — a record. 

In short — there were a ton of options. Pretend you are driving in a car (a giant, American-made land yacht, of course) in 1974. You are scanning through the radio dial. What would YOU listen to?

  1. These three tunes all hit No. 1 in January 1974. Pick one.
  2. Which smash hit from February '74 do you prefer?
  3. March of '74 was all about jetting to the sun. Pick a top hit.
  4. April of '74 had a couple 'Guardians of the Galaxy' songs and a proto-disco jam.
  5. In May, the Jacksons, a cover song and a novelty track were all huge hits.
  6. Pick a top tune from June.
  7. July of '74 was all about the "Rock." Which "Rock" will you roll with?
  8. Do you prefer Denver or "Chicago" on a hot August night?
  9. Pick a No. 1 hit from September.
  10. Will it be a top love song or Southern rock in October?
  11. Pick a No. 1 song from November '74.
  12. Will you kick in the new year with some Kung Fu or go softly with a "Cat" and "Angie"?
Pick: Which song would you listen to on the radio in 1974?

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