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Pick: Which song would you listen to on the radio in 1968?

Are you cranking the station playing the Beatles or Aretha?

Radio was golden in 1968. You could turn the dial to any station and land on a classic song.

But you could only listen to one at a time.

Below, you will find top hits from that year. They were all in the Billboard Top Ten. Many of them topped the charts — on the Country chart, the R&B chart, the Easy Listening chart and the Pop chart. 

Let's see which one you prefer — and see how your musical taste compares to the rest.
  1. You got a new transistor radio for Christmas and can't stop listening in the new year. These three top hits from January are playing. Which will you listen to?
  2. February is here and you are on a Valentine's date. You scan through the car radio and find these three top hits. Pick one.
  3. It's now March and spring is on the way. Pick one of these top hits from the month.
  4. April showers bring… fresh tunes on the radio. Pick one of these chart-toppers of the month.
  5. May has arrived. These three top hits are playing on different stations. Which will you pick?
  6. Summer is here! You head to the drive-in in June. These three chart-toppers are playing. Pick your favorite.
  7. July is here and you're throwing a barbecue. The radio is blasting in the backyard. These three songs are playing on different stations. Pick one.
  8. August is here and things are hot. You turn on the radio and scan the dials. These smashes are playing. Pick one.
  9. September has arrived and it's back to school. You drive to class and these hits are playing. Pick one.
  10. It's October and you're throwing a Halloween party. You turn on the radio and find these three hits playing.
  11. Autumn has arrived and the leaves are falling. These three chart-toppers are playing on the radio. Select one.
  12. December is here and you still have that trusty transistor. You turn it on and discover these three top hits playing. Choose one.
Pick: Which song would you listen to on the radio in 1968?

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