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Pick: Which hit songs would you play on the radio in 1983?

Good luck trying to decide between Michael, Bowie and Prince.

1983… what a feeling! Have we got a thriller for you. The year was packed with classic pop hits. Most of the songs below went to number one. From "Africa" to "Beat It," these tunes still rock the charts today. Heck, Weird Al Yankovic spoofed most of them, which is the true sign of pop immortality.

But you have to choose.

Below, we present three of the biggest hits from each month in 1983. Imagine they are all playing on different radio stations at the same time. You control the radio dial. Which one do you listen to?

See how your taste compares to others.
  1. Pick one hit from January 1983.
  2. Pick one hit from February 1983.
  3. Pick one hit from March 1983.
  4. Pick one hit from April 1983.
  5. Pick one hit from May 1983.
  6. Pick one hit from June 1983.
  7. Pick one hit from July 1983.
  8. Pick one hit from August 1983.
  9. Pick one hit from September 1983.
  10. Pick one hit from October 1983.
  11. Pick one hit from November 1983.
  12. Pick one hit from December 1983.
Pick: Which hit songs would you play on the radio in 1983?

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