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Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1989?

It's Griffith vs. Shatner.

As the 1980s faded into the 1990s, our TVs were still working overtime to introduce us to memorable characters. It was a year when sitcoms and dramas alike embraced more experimental concepts, seasoned TV actors swapped genres or turned into TV hosts, and Saturday Night Live proved that Blues Brothers was no one-trick pony, as the sketch show launched yet another mega movie hit.

Ready to turn back the dial and return to 1989 to see what's on? 

Scroll through the questions below, as we chunk out some of 1989's best programming to ask you a simple question: What would you watch on TV in 1989? See how many others agree with your choices!
  1. Let's start with Monday night at 8PM. There's a debut sitcom up against more seasoned TV icons.
  2. Skip forward to Tuesday, same time. Are you watching William Shatner host Rescue 911, or sticking to one of your favorites?
  3. Later on Tuesday night at 9:30PM, you have a choice between a wolf, a coach or a cop.
  4. Let's move on to Wednesday. It's 9PM. Are you watching a young doctor's debut, catching up with the Fatman, or are you ruling in favor of the courtroom sitcom?
  5. Later on Wednesday night, at 10PM, you've got your choice of drama, from war, crime or mystery.
  6. Jump to Thursday next at 9PM, and you can either pull up a barstool, catch the latest TV Western revival or give a new political drama a chance. Whatcha watching?
  7. We've made it to Friday night, 9PM. Are you feeling TGIF, caught up in your soap, or testing out a new crime show?
  8. Next, let's check back on Saturday morning. At 8:30AM, are you sticking with muppets you know and love, watching Winnie the Pooh mashed up with gummi bears, or checking out John Candy's new animated series?
  9. On Saturday night, the choices don't get easier. At 9PM, you must choose between riveting mysteries, a cutting documentary or a hit sitcom.
  10. Let's say we stick around to see what's on Saturday late night. It's the year SNL introduced us to Wayne's World, back when Pat Sajak was a talk show host, and Nightline had confidently hit its stride. Whatcha watching?
Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1989?

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