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Pick: What music would you listen to in 1969?

It's time to decide: Are you more Beatles or Rolling Stones?

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Moving from the 1960s to the 1970s meant more than just flipping the record over. Sounds completely changed, artists broke free from bands to go on to become solo legends, and some of the biggest singles of all time dropped.

So the question is: Can you pick between favorites? Take the survey below and make today the day you finally decide where your loyalty lies: Is it "I Want You Back" or "Sweet Caroline"? Janis Joplin or Diana Ross? Beatles or Rolling Stones? Let's get started!

  1. Pick a self-titled album released in 1969:
  2. Pick a soundtrack from 1969:
  3. Pick your favorite singer who broke out solo in 1969:
  4. Pick your favorite cover song from 1969:
  5. Pick an album released by a great songwriter in 1969:
  6. Pick out something from 1969 with soul:
  7. Pick out something from 1969 that rocks:
  8. Pick an essential country record from 1969:
  9. It's the eternal question for rock fans in 1969. Which is better?
  10. Pick a huge single from 1969:
Pick: What music would you listen to in 1969?

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