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Pick: Do you know more classic TV characters than everybody else?

Prove you really are the ultimate classic TV fan.

Images: The Everett Collection

You know more about classic TV than anyone, right?

Prove it with this survey! Go through this list of major classic TV characters and give us your honest answer: Do you know these characters or not?

With each question, you'll find out how many others recognize the same characters you do. Then at the end, you'll find out how many or how few others are as tuned-in as you are when it comes to major players we all watched on shows from the 1950s to the 1990s!
  1. Do you know Gomer Pyle?
  2. Do you know Ben Cartwright?
  3. Do you know Arnold Jackson?
  4. Do you know Jill Munroe?
  5. Do you know Maxwell Klinger?
  6. Do you know Mary Ann Summers?
  7. Do you know Daisy Moses?
  8. Do you know Kitty?
  9. Do you know Carla Tortelli?
  10. Do you know Frank Cannon?
  11. Do you know Anthony Fremont?
  12. Do you know Mary Stone?
  13. Do you know Louie De Palma?
  14. Do you know Florence Johnston?
  15. Do you know Cousin Oliver?
  16. Do you know Sgt. Schultz?
  17. Do you know Mrs. Wiggins?
  18. Do you know Johnny Fever?
  19. Do you know Buck Rogers?
  20. Do you know Della Street?
  21. Do you know Ernest T. Bass?
  22. Do you know Mrs. Garrett?
  23. Do you know Naomi Oates Harper?
  24. Do you know Eddie Haskell?
  25. Do you know Rowdy Yates?
Pick: Do you know more classic TV characters than everybody else?

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