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Pick a Norman Rockwell picture & we’ll give you a TV show you’ll dig

Can "The Boy with the Camera Eye" connect to your favorite TV show?

Images: Saturday Evening Post

Fans of nostalgia know the artist Norman Rockwell was the only one who could touch our favorite TV shows when it came to capturing life's little moments. An American treasure, his illustrations offered readers a little taste of the everyday on Saturday Evening Post covers for five decades.

So it makes a lot of sense that many of Rockwell's images remind us a lot of classic television shows like Leave It to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, I Love LucyThe Brady Bunch and many more. 

Today, we want to see if we can make a special connection for you between the Rockwell art you love and the TV shows you watch. Just pick any Rockwell cover below, and we'll reveal a classic TV show we bet would resonate with you - or maybe even your favorite show!
  1. Pick a Norman Rockwell picture & we’ll reveal a TV show you’ll dig:
Pick a Norman Rockwell picture & we’ll give you a TV show you’ll dig

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