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Only a totally rad Eighties kid can name these pop stars on 1980s TV

These rock stars popped into the stu-stu-studio.

Eighties television rocked! For starters, the "M" in MTV actually stood for music. Yes, kids, MTV used to show music videos! It was like YouTube on your TV!

But the pop invasion did not stop there. Many big music stars made acting cameos on hit television shows, too.

We've gathered some memorable — and downright unlikely — guest appearances from 1980s television. See if you can recognize these totally '80s musicians!

  1. He sang to the Huxtables in 1986.
  2. She sang and acted in Wiseguy.
  3. He played "Phil the Shill" on Miami Vice.
  4. These oddballs played Muffy's Bat Mitzvah on Square Pegs.
  5. This "Goody Two Shoes" actually played a bad guy on The Equalizer.
  6. This avant-garde rocker appeared on Miami Vice, too.
  7. Now this is a meeting of haircuts. This pop star on The A-Team fronted which band?
  8. He taught piano to Punky Brewster. But he used to "just want to be your everything."
  9. The girls from Eastland visiting this musician in the studio on The Facts of Life.
  10. This Georgia new-wave band appeared on Guiding Light. Yes, the soap opera.
  11. This member of the Beach Boys played a teacher on The New Leave It to Beaver.
Only a totally rad Eighties kid can name these pop stars on 1980s TV

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