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Only a Jimi Hendrix super-fan can I.D. these songs by only the first line

Can you hear these tunes in your head?

A master guitar player and insightful songwriter, Jimi Hendrix made music history with his powerful riffs and gruff, captivating voice. 

Between his unique playing techniques and his flair for showmanship, it's no wonder that Hendrix has been revered as one of rock's greatest musicians. He rocked the late '60s with his unique sound and his passion for making music a religious experience for anyone who listened. 

While there are certainly a number of songs that come to mind when his name is brought up, we're putting your memory to the test to see if you can remember these songs titles based on the first line of their lyrics. Singing out loud is encouraged to jog your memory. Good luck!

  1. "Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?"
  2. "There must be some kind of way outta here..."
  3. "You know you're a cute little heartbreaker, ha..."
  4. "Anger he smiles towering in shiny metallic purple armor..."
  5. "Well she's walking through the clouds..."
  6. "After all jacks are in their boxes..."
  7. "Well, I stand up next to a mountain..."
  8. "Well, I wait around the train station..."
  9. "Purple haze all in my brain..."
  10. "If the sun refuse to shine..."
Only a Jimi Hendrix super-fan can I.D. these songs by only the first line

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