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Only a Boomer can recognize all these brand names from the Sixties

What is being sold in these vintage ads?

Flipping through old magazines is a time machine. The articles are fascinating, for sure, but the advertisements are just as interesting in hindsight. In fact, the ads might be a better capsule of the time.

The following products were all featured in LIFE Magazine in 1966. Some of them lasted for decades — and even might be around today.

But most likely, you had to live through the 1960s to remember them. Or at least really know your pop culture. Good luck!

  1. What was Pan Am?
  2. Where would you put Hush Puppies?
  3. Competitors Philco and Admiral were both advertising the same products. What were they?
  4. Stardust declared, "Go where the action is." What "luxury" was Stardust selling for $8–$10?
  5. Tappan touted its "Time Machines." What kind of machines were they?
  6. Old Grand-Dad was the head of the family. What kind of product was it?
  7. Enco used this smiling tiger to sell its…?
  8. McGregor had the "young ideas." Ideas about what?
  9. Kelvinator
  10. What brand used this logo?
  11. Wink
  12. Herculon
Only a Boomer can recognize all these brand names from the Sixties

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