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Only a Boomer can identify all these vintage snacks

What were these cheesy, bacony, peanutty, pizza-rific, raisiny treats called?

Time for a salty, sugary trip back in time.

Below, you will find some popular snacks from the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s. It takes a true snack connoisseur to name all of them. You probably had to live through all those decades, too.

Even if you didn't, pick the name that sounds the most like something you'd see in a grocery aisle!

  1. What were these cheesy cracker sticks called?
  2. Pillsbury launched these in the 1960s.
  3. Child star Mason Reese promoted these bacon-flavored bites.
  4. This sugar-glazed popcorn had a colorful name.
  5. Hostess made these Ding Dong–like snack cakes.
  6. Keebler made these twists to take on Cheetos.
  7. Keebler also made these chips that paid tribute to a place known for its potatoes.
  8. Sunshine made these raisin cookies that could be heated up.
  9. Kraft made this peanut spread in chocolate and cinnamon varieties.
  10. There are petitions to get Keebler to bring back this pizza snack.
  11. Kellogg's made these toaster treats for breakfast — or any time, really.
Only a Boomer can identify all these vintage snacks

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