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It takes a movie expert to recognize these Golden Age Hollywood stars on TV

They were movie stars in the '20s and '30s — and celebrity cameos in the '60s and '70s.

They were Hollywood's earliest icons, the stars of silent and black-and-white cinema. Names like Chaplin, Garbo, Bogart and Dietrich. 

These celebrities were on marquees in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s — before television became a household habit. 

But they still turned up on TV from time to time. Below, we've gathered some TV cameos made by Golden Age Hollywood stars. You're practically a film scholar if you can recognize them all. Good luck!

  1. This comedy duo was massive in the 1930s — and turned into a cartoon in 1966.
  2. She appeared on The Red Skelton Hour in 1963.
  3. The Three Stooges appeared on The Ed Wynn Show in 1950. Who is the Stooge in the middle of the three?
  4. The silent slapstick star appeared on The Twilight Zone in the episode "Once Upon a Time".
  5. He made one of his final screen appearances on Battlestar Galactica in 1979.
  6. She was in the Gunsmoke episode "The Jailer".
  7. That's Spanky on the left. The Little Rascal on the right would go on to play which 1970s TV detective?
  8. This Casablanca actor turned up in an episode of Rawhide.
  9. She turned up alongside Lucille Ball in an episode of The Lucy Show.
  10. She appeared in the My Three Sons episode "The Fountain of Youth".
  11. She appeared in the Columbo mystery "Étude in Black."
  12. She portrayed the Batman villain Black Widow.
It takes a movie expert to recognize these Golden Age Hollywood stars on TV

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