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Is this the title of a '90s sitcom or a platinum record from the '80s?

This one will be a real 'Thriller' for you and your 'Friends.'

At the time, the '90s seemed so radically different from the '80s. In hindsight, the two decades were not so different.

Don't believe us? It can be hard to spot the difference between a hit pop album and a TV sitcom.

Below, you will find the name of nine Nineties television shows and nine Eighties records that sold millions of copies. Try to tell them apart.
  1. Caroline in the City
  2. She's So Unusual
  3. Tougher Than Leather
  4. Veronica's Closet
  5. Appetite for Destruction
  6. …But Seriously
  7. Grace Under Pressure
  8. Homeboys in Outer Space
  9. Brothers in Arms
  10. Herman's Head
  11. Aliens in the Family
  12. Diary of a Madman
  13. Madman of the People
  14. American Dreamer
  15. American Fool
  16. Full Moon Fever
  17. Bagdad Cafe
  18. Baby Talk
Is this the title of a '90s sitcom or a platinum record from the '80s?

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