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Insert a fruit to complete these 1960s band names and song titles

The 1960s were a pretty sweet era for music.

The music of the Sixties is candy to our ears. No wonder — so much of its has fruit in the title. 

See if you can pluck the correct fruit to complete the names of these popular bands and songs. We threw in an iconic album cover, too.

Do you have the juice? Let's see!
  1. Marvin Gaye "Heard It Through the ______vine."
  2. The Beatles helped popularize psychedelia with "___________ Fields Forever."
  3. Okay, what was the name of the record label started by the Beatles?
  4. Which fruit is missing from this iconic Velvet Underground album cover by Andy Warhol?
  5. The band had kids singing "Tra La La." They were The _______ Splits.
  6. The R&B duo ________ & Herb first broke through with the 1967 hit "Close Your Eyes."
  7. In 1968, O.C. Smith reached No. 2 on the charts with his smash "Little Green _______."
  8. The _______ Pipers had a No. 1 hit with "Green Tambourine."
  9. The ________ Alarm Clock went to No. 1 with its hit "Incense and Peppermints."
  10. The Electric _______ climbed to No. 1 with its psych-rock classic "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)."
  11. Major labels had a bidding war to sign the hot San Francisco band known as Moby ______.
  12. Tommy James and the Shondells reached No. 7 with its hit "Sweet ______ Wine" in 1969.
  13. The bubblegum pop band _____ Fruitgum Company sold 3.5 million copies of its single "Simon Says."
  14. The folk trio known as The _____liters released more than a dozen albums in the 1960s.
  15. Finally, Jay and the Techniques scored a Top 10 single with their number "Apples, Peaches, _______ Pie."
Insert a fruit to complete these 1960s band names and song titles

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