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In what decade did these books that inspired movies come out?

This novel quiz is a must-read.

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While not everyone is a bookworm, there are some novels that break out into the larger cultural consciousness. Maybe they were assigned reading in school or they inspired a famous blockbuster movie. Some were just good, old fashioned page turners!

Here are 12 books from decades past that are still household names to this day. Can you guess which decade each one was published?
  1. Arguably the most famous fantasy series of all time, when was the first book in 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy published?
  2. This Pulitzer Prize-winning book was published in which decade?
  3. This novel inspired the '70s mafia movie of the same name. What decade was the book published?
  4. Here's another novel that inspired a 1970s blockbuster. What decade was it published?
  5. What decade was this beloved children's novel published?
  6. The first book in this classic science fiction series came out in the...
  7. When was this Stephen King horror novel published?
  8. Speaking of scary stories, what decade was this creepy book published?
  9. This John Steinbeck classic inspired a James Dean film. When was it published?
  10. Millions of kids have read this novel in school since it was first published in the...
  11. What decade was this novel about a group of boys stranded on an island first published?
  12. This Roald Dahl classic came out in which decade?
In what decade did these books that inspired movies come out?

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